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Had a lot of fun with this one :) This game is at 15:40 of the video.


First off, I love the way this game looks and sounds. I had a very fun time making up LORE for all the funny fellas in this game. Can't wait to try out the sequel soon!

I played this game on stream check it out! 

Hey thanks for playin my game! I will now go by Red Steven. As that was me. ayo keep me updated if you play BREAD 2, this was fun to watch :)

what is the controls and cant get out of ma house

go up to the door in the kitchen and click :)

thank u :] Joshimations

wait it stilll dont work sad


wait nvm it idd work just wrong door heh thx btw

no problem buddy

Should I play it

i mean that's all up to you

eu quero jogar esse jogo

then play it!

karai o br


This Game Is Beautiful


i can't open it!

Is it for 64 Bit computers? because mine is 32 Bits. q-q


Yes it's for 64 Bit Computers! I'm sorry!


well the game is good,but one thing:is the sequel avaliable to both bit computers or the sequel is only to 64 bit too?

Would be nice to have more “interactibility” (although I haven’t seen Bread 2 yet.)

sorry for the late reply!
Trust me, BREAD 2 has so much “interactibility!"

Nice :D

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I got news for you

Deleted 2 years ago

This game is so great! I will definitely play Bread 2! I did a video and I'm small but all my friends and subscribers love how the game is developed and how it looks!! 


Waw Nice Game Its Funny :D Good Also There Is Chapter 2 ! The Best Game Ever :D

I loved your game and I did a let's play in this video:


Thank you so much!!! There's a sequel if you're interested haha

I am indeed :)


Such a cool concept to make a game's artwork using only MS Paint! Had a great time playing this quick adventure with Johnny.  Excuse the click bait title but here is my walk through if your interested in seeing how it played out! Thanks again Joshimations!

Where is the ***** bread!?



Played the game and loved it! Great job guys!

Let’s obtain this grain, bois


I really like the style of 2.5d. What game engine did you use to make this?

Short and fun I like it!

amazing graphic my dude thanks for amazing gameplay 

it was a cool game i enjoyed it will you be making more later on?

Yes I will. I hope you're ready for BREAD 2!

awesome when will it be released?

Great geme J' I'd like to do the jam,  you sing up?

Sure was an adventure. Went to Heck and back for some bread. I'd say it was worth it. Made toast. Toast was a little burned but alright. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for the bread, money is kinda tight this much. Over all, I think it's not just about the adventure, it's the toast you made along the way.

Technically at the end of the way, but whatevs. 

Cute game! Leaves a lot to the imagination and that is the genius of it I think! Lots of fun! Great work! What is next for Joshimations? 

I hope you're ready for BREAD 2 soon :)

Heck yeah I am! One can never have enough bread!!

This is really good! I like to explore the neighborhood and see all kinds of characters from the jogger to the waving bush. Also, I like the humor and the colorful graphics. Thanks for making a great game! 

this is just great!

That was a really nice game, graphics are amazing i could actually run it at ULTRA!!!

Keep it up!

Fun little Game, Art style is wacky and vibrant, Really Enjoyed playing, Heck, Id Play it Again :-)

This game was very cute and very strange. A fun experience though, worth a play-through if you want to experience a very creative and nostalgic feeling game. I play it in the first half of this video.


so freaking stupid


soo Cute :=)

That was pretty fun!

This was cute! It was simple and easy to go through. My favorite part has to be looking at all the characters and art! Good job!


can only interact with doors?  like the wacky style

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